Lizard - Black Table Mat and Coaster Sets


Round Coaster - 10cm Dia.
Square Coaster - 10cm x 10cm

Round Large Mat - 30cm Dia.
Square Large Mat - 29.5cm x 29.5cm

The Table Mats and Coasters come in a set of six. They are coated with a hard-wearing acrylic that gives the appearance of glass, making the design extremely vivid. The material is highly durable, making these a child-friendly item that is virtually unbreakable. Finally, they are heat resistant, meaning that hot drinks and plates can be placed on their surface with no ill effect. (Not recommended for oven to table use). This product has been designed and made here in the UK.

  • Set of 6
  • 4mm thick acrylic coating
  • Designed and produced in the UK
  • Created from waste and recycled products where possible